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Using Tests in Visual Studio to improve quality of software

Test Driven Development (TDD), black box test, white box test, UI test, Unit Test,  grey box tests, etc. These are  some of the elements that you may encounter while looking for your best test strategy. Some say that if you stay in line with all good coding practices you don't have to conduct any tests, or that testing can be limited to basic elements. I personally doubt it, because the bottleneck in programming is... the programmer.

Whatever strategy you choose keep in mind: you should never, ever let customer test your software first.

Of course there are UATs (User Acceptance Tests) that your customer should perform with your assistance, but they come later, when your application is ready.

Before your software reaches that stage, it’s you who must test it as thoroughly as possible. There are different strategies that may apply. I will not concentrate too much on how to choose an appropriate strategy, but rather help a little with Visual Studio based testing.

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